London artists on fiction and reality

14 October 2014 - 4 January 2015

MIRRORCITY shows recent work and new commissions by key emerging and established artists working in the capital today. These artists seek to address the challenges, conditions and consequences of living in a digital age.

Mark Aerial Waller: Dial-A-Ride

Watch Mark Aerial Waller's new video work DIAL-A-RIDE, a three-part film made daily in and around the Southbank Centre over the course of the MIRRORCITY Events Weekend.


A course in the authorship of thought sets the agenda for this science fiction/mystery trilogy. Two women (actors, Monika Bičiunaitė & Smiltė Bagdžiūnė), members of a secret community, arrive from Eastern Europe to reach their London contact (artist, Douglas Park). He is able to join missing links to complete their mission, but can he be trusted?


The scripted scenarios meet headlong with documentary events, to make a film open to chance and outside influence, from the river's tidal flow to the presence of Southbank Centre visitors. 


This three-part work was originally screened in the Hayward Gallery Project Space at the end of each filming day, 14  - 16 November 2014.








Main image: Mark Aerial Waller, DIAL-A-RIDE 1, 2014. Courtesy Mark Aerial Waller & Rodeo © the artist, 2014